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When you mean business, we mean quality. Our quality assurance experts and metrologists will identify the corrective actions you must implement to protect the quality of your products and services, and to ensure conformity with the standard measurement traceable to a national standards board. Our years of proven experiences in equipment calibration and validation have made us the dependable team to provide you with accurate and efficient measurement solutions critical to overall safety, operational procedures, and proper yielding.

We Offer:

  • Calibration

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control

  • Validation

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We aim for complete customer satisfaction. We value every client’s specifics case by case. Send us an email today. Just fill out our contact form above for your inquiries, comments, and requests. You can also call us at (919) 697-5244 to learn more about our services and to learn how to get our quality onsite calibration for your equipment.

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We can help you resolve your production and efficiency problems now by having calibrated equipment and accurate measurement reading for all of your system processes. Call us today at (919) 697-5244 to learn more about our laboratory calibration and shipping details or to let us pay you a visit for onsite inspections.